Heavenly Father,

                           Thou hast called us into being again this day by the power of thy Supreme Word, to take another step in the fulfillment of our human destiny.

     May we never forget Thee this day.Keep a space within our minds that is always turned towards Thee, and wake us out of the playground of the senses, as often as you  will.

    Father, open eyes and ears so that we may discover and understand the laws of Thy manifest creation, and help us to take that one step nearer to Thee, for which Thou hast  created this day.

Heavenly Father,

                            I bow down before Thee this day so that, knowledge of Thy Divine Presence may move within my mind, the Consciousness of Thy Divine Life may move within my body, and the Bliss of thy Divine nature may radiate to my fellow beings, and create an earthly situation fit for the Sons of God.

Heavenly Father,  (with closed eyes)

                            May this prayer move my mind this very moment to the realms of Thy Heavenly Glory.  (Pause)

May I now reflect in the stillness of my mind Thy Divine Presence. (Pause) 

May I now remember where I am and with closed eyes contemplate this earthly place.  (Pause)

My fellow students, my teachers, the community in which I live, the nation, the countries of this earth, the universe.

May I perform this day that which is best pleasing to Thee, and is of the highest value to my fellow Men.

Heavenly Father,

                            I have noticed so often, how I forget Thee,yet every day I resolve to put Thee first. Kindle in me  that true desire to seek Thee so that I may fulfill my human embodiment and inspire in others that same memory, so we may together bring this earthly journey to its nobler end.

Heavenly Father,

                            I have always hoped that some day I would get a certainty of The existence. Today I realize that I have to change my concept of Thee for you are everywhere, You are my teacher, my mother, my school friend, the flowers, the dust, the clouds,You are the All.

Father, forgive my ignorance.

Heavenly Father,

                            Sometimes I feel lost in your universe .You are so vast. Sometimes I feel ashamed even to contemplate Thee.

I notice that as I grow older my mind is taken up with so many trivial things, and now I could only feel that I am loosing something very important in life.

Father, could I rub off and start afresh ? Please give me the newness to start now,the humility to contemplate Thy vastness and the memory to keep Thee in mind all day.

Heavenly Father,

                            Yesterday is gone. Today is here, and I am just as puzzled about you. No doubt everything is as it is and I am as I am, and Thou art as Thou art, and everything is perfect.

Heavenly Father,

                            Move with us this day in Thy stillness.                                   


                                                                                  W.Henckel 1981



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